Our service


We provide transportation of goods by semitrailer trains according to specific customer requirements. The most important requirements include delivery at the set time, high transport reliability, an acceptable price, compliance with the highest environmental requirements, and flexible responses to both unplanned and planned needs of the customers of our services.


We have our own 100-pallet storage capacity for storing goods that are stuck in the delivery process between the pick-up point and the delivery point, most often due to insufficient storage capacity. The warehouse is equipped with shelves and is moderately heated. We have our own handling equipment. In addition to putting goods on pallets, we offer the following services: packaging, sorting, laying out the goods according to other distribution requirements and labelling.

Who are we?

The history of the provision of transport services began in 2000 with the founding of Michal Rizman – RP Trans. The transport was carried out by a (now already historical) train consisting of the tractor LIAZ110 and a BSS semitrailer with a capacity of 30 euro-pallets. After two years of stabilisation in the market and after creating a clientele, the company began to develop slowly, first by modernising the train and shortly after by increasing the number of vehicles and the associated number of employees. In 2013, the firm was transformed into the company Pro Transport s.r.o.

By gradual development, gathering experience, striving for better service than competition, overcoming the crisis years 2008/2009, learning in areas closely related to the transport service provided, the company has grown to the current number of 8 semi-trailer trains whose viability is tended by a team of thirteen persons.


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The basic building block of any company, no matter what kind of service or commodity it provides, is a person or a team of people. Another important component is a tool, or a machine, which can be an aid, in our case an indispensable tool in road transport. A good-quality team of people with good-quality technology, supported by good corporate culture and good communication skills for communication between each other, constitutes a precondition for putting ideas into practice successfully.

My philosophy is to create and work in a team composed of high-quality people connected by a similar life ideology and to work with technology that offers the comfort and quality of state-of-the-art technological discoveries. Together with the team of these people, we want to offer a high-quality transport service that exceeds customer expectations.

Our team

Michal Rizman
Peter Kolarovský

Our fleet

Scania S500

Scania R450

Mercedes-Benz Actros 1845

trailors Schmitz, Krone a Kogel

All vehicles comply with the Euro 6 emission standard